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Our approach to project grants is driven by two core convictions. First, that the best way to serve new music is to ask practitioners what they need rather than tell them what they should want. Second, that the process for requesting financial support should be simple and should help artists connect with audiences, not just funders.

Applicants are asked to present their projects using the same language and media they would use to build public interest in their work. Our goal is to make grantmaking less about grant writing, and focus instead on how artists naturally talk about their work.

Through our project grants, awardees gain more than a grant award; they gain access to our public network. By promoting awarded projects through social media, email, and our deep connections within the field, we work tirelessly to build a community around projects while supporting awarded artists as they develop their work.

Comments from NMI Staff:

Project Grants offer project-specific funding to individuals and organizations.

Music Alive supports composer-in-residence positions in orchestras of all sizes. (Program no longer active)

Have multiple different project with different submission dates.

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