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Small Craft Warnings

In this playlist of short informational videos, NMI Executive Director and Lyric Lab creator Scott Guy discusses many different areas of craft. Get some great tips – a little bit at a time!


In this playlist you will find many short videos on various different points relating to the craft of writing for musical theatre. This playlist includes all of the “Small Craft Warnings” videos and Elise Dewsberry’s monthly vlog – as well as other videos on a variety of topics including “The Five Mistakes (Most) Musicals Make” – and more!

How to Get NO Feedback from Elise

In this monthly video blog, NMI Artistic Director Elise Dewsberry addresses an array of topics that come up over and over again during feedback sessions on new musicals. Elise is hoping that if you keep these basics in mind while you are writing, you might be able to write a musical that would result in NO critical feedback!  Watch the videos in the playlist below, and see if you can put Elise out of a job…


Want to make sure your libretto and score look as professional as possible when you are making submissions and/or preparing for readings, workshops, and production? Check out these videos from the NMI staff on proper musical theatre formatting for script and score.