“A Single Vibration” – a short musical film based on a true story from a Veteran
Length: 15:41 

Based on a true story of a veteran in Afghanistan who is still haunted by rumbles and vibrations, even from passing cars and trucks, because they remind him of the constant vibrations of rocket fire and explosions he endured in Kandahar. “Don’t you hear that?” he asks us.
“A single vibration will follow you.”

“A Single Vibration” — with Book by Robert W. Mitchell, Lyrics and Music by Michael Finke. Directed by Jonathan Levit, Dramaturged by Catie O’Donnell, and featuring Bechir Sylvain. It’s part of New Musical Inc’s musical webseries, “So Proudly We Hailed.”

This project is hosted by New Musicals Inc. This activity is supported in part by generous grants from: the Helen and Jose Colton Foundation; the Peter Glenville Foundation; the Anonymous Fund (Marin County); and the California Arts Council, a state agency.

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