A military action awakens a traumatic memory — a musical excerpt from “Both Ends of the Barrel”
Length: 1:23 

Veteran Aramis Calderon found himself reliving a childhood trauma while learning to deal with trauma from his time in the Army. Here is an excerpt from one of the songs dramatizing this strangely parallel situation. Based on the true story by Aramis Calderon; music and lyrics by Dusty Sanders; Directed and dramaturged by Catie O’Donnell, and featuring Ryland Shelton. For this webseries, New Musicals Inc. has paired veteran honorees with an artistic team comprised of a composer, lyricist, director, and dramaturg, and then helped to shape their story into a short musical retelling in a digital platform. This project is hosted by New Musicals Inc. This activity is supported in part by generous grants from: the Helen and Jose Colton Foundation; the Peter Glenville Foundation; the Anonymous Fund (Marin County); and the California Arts Council, a state agency.