Goodland- a preview of a new 15 minute musical.
Length: 1:44 

“Goodland” is a 15-minute musical set in an assembly factory in Kansas, just as a tornado is bearing down on it. The boss is presented with a terrible dilemma: save herself and the company…or risk everything to save the folks in the warehouse.

The full musical was presented live at the Broadwater Theater in Hollywood in June 2022 as part of the curriculum at New Musicals Inc.

Book by Sissy Van Dyke, music by Nathan Scalise, and lyrics by Jenson Neal Parker. Directed by John Coppola; music direction by Thomas Craig Buckley; stage managed by Catie O’Donnell. Featuring Chloe Brewer, Asia Ring, Elliot White, and Melvin Biteng.

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