What It’s Like to Play a Veteran | Interview with Brooke Moltrum on “The Jumper”
Length: 7:43 

Performer Brooke Moltrum talks about her experience portraying Veteran Shannon Corbeil in “The Jumper”, an episode in the web-series SO PROUDLY WE HAILED which honors veterans in their own words with musicalized moments of story telling.

For this webseries, New Musicals Inc. has paired veteran honorees with an artistic team comprised of a composer, lyricist, director, and dramaturg, and then helped to shape their story into a short musical retelling in a digital platform.

This project is hosted by New Musicals Inc.

This activity is supported in part by generous grants from: the Helen and Jose Colton Foundation; the Peter Glenville Foundation; the Anonymous Fund (Marin County); and the California Arts Council, a state agency.

To see more from this series, and to learn more about the project, and to view future episodes as they are released, visit www.nmi.org/veterans New Musicals Inc.

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