“You Gotta Be Like ME!” (according to a robot)
Length: 2:53 

What if you lived in a world in which all high school students have to pass an IQ test or get drummed out of society? This 15-minute musical explores a comic-but-frightening look at a potential future gone wrong.

In this excerpt from “IQ the Musical,” an egotistical robot encourages a young girl to be exactly like the perfect robot.

IQ: the Musical
Book by Eric C. Jones
Music by Charlie Betz
Lyrics by Kristen Egan O’Hare

Featuring Randal Miles, Asia Ring, Troy Armand Barboza, and Elizabeth A. Bouton-Summerer
Directed by Catie O’Donnell
Musical Director: Ron Barnett
Stage Manager: Kim Iosue

Produced on July 10, 2023
at the Broadwater Theatre
North Hollywood
by New Musicals Inc
as part of its Core Curriculum

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